Skype lessons

 Simple: Skype is a great way to learn English wherever you are. You just need the latest version of Skype, an Internet connection and a headset.


Interactive: Your Skype English lessons are interactive. Because the lessons are on the Internet, you have access to a lot of resources like articles, exercises, and the teacher can type you new words or expressions.


All levels: while you and the teacher are speaking, you can see some vocabulary coming up to your screen. It’s very useful, especially for lower levels of English.


Even cheaper: because there is no need for you or me to travel, the travel cost is nothing, plus no travel time – more time for learning.


Flexible: Skype English lessons with me are booked as 15 min sessions (minimum)- Most people book 30 mins, you can book 45 or even 60 minute lessons (maybe for special events happening in English) and you can schedule your session any day of the week (also during the weekend)

It’s pretty simple. As soon as you register, you get access to the Member Area. Look for a time slot that is available and suits you. Request a lesson.

You will receive a confirmation email and then the teacher will call you via Skype on the day and time you chose. The lesson can start.

The lessons are dedicated to your needs, adapted to your level and objectives. Because you’re on Skype, you can receive instant messages from your teacher while you’re talking. Therefore, you can keep track of your mistakes and new vocabulary without being interrupted all the time. The teacher can also share his screen if he want to share some resources with you.
Material is usually sent by email before the lesson and can be shared during the lesson.

You also have the option to send material you would like to work on, this needs to be sent in advance of the live lesson.

No matter what course you choose, learning English via Skype allows you to focus on speaking skills, to practice your English around topics that interest you and to feel more confident in English.

To get started, you need to download the free Skype app on your computer, tablet or smartphone. It only takes a few minutes.
Go to for the latest version of Skype.
If you use a standard Internet connection the quality of the call is very good. Recent laptops and tablets usually have a good microphone. If you prefer, you can also buy a headset. We advise you to use a webcam but it’s optional.

Check all the prices for Skype English Lessons.

If you don’t have Skype or if you use other VOIP system ie zoom or a business app please check first that lessons can be offered.

Skype English lessons are suitable for a wide range of students. 

I specialise in vocabulary building and conversation for  Business and Technical (engineering etc.)and letting you practice speaking about things.

I also have contact with many qualified and experienced teachers if you need to learn for examinations and certificates, contact me for details.

Whether you  to brush up your  English for professional reasons or  want to boost your small talk I can help you. The lessons are 100% in English, so the only condition to take lessons is to be able to speak a little bit in English (from pre-intermediaite level/A2)

If you are unsure of your level your can test your English here.

You can take as many lessons as you need in a week. I offer lessons between 8 am and 6.30pm European time (Paris/Berlin/Rome) every day. You can take an intensive course for a week or take lessons over a few months. It is best to study regularly, once a week if you need to keep your level and 2-3 times a week if you need to improve your English quickly.

Skype English lessons are the ideal solution to work on your English efficiently. So, don’t hesitate, check your English level here or book a free 15 min trial lesson (no commitment, no credit card required).

The 15 minute free trials are subject to availability.

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