Learn English with news videos

Are you tired of reading boring textbooks? Do you want English lessons that are fresh and interesting with useful vocabulary? Then try English News videos.We make news videos and articles designed to help you learn real English.

But why the news?

Because it’s fresh and current. We cover everything from hard news topics, to interesting lifestyle and community reports, to tech news and even some entertainment news too!
Our English lessons will expose you to everyday vocabulary – and show you how to use it.
Learning current, real-world topics will help you communicate with other English speakers, and you’ll learn about what’s going on in the world at the same time.
Plus, if you use our lessons regularly, ideally every day, your English will improve in no time!

The best bit is that Sensations English is free to try… so sign up today!

Traditional tools like textbooks are essential for learning. Yet we have found that we learn best through rich, engaging experiences. It’s easy to remember words when they are linked to experiences that move or interest you. We also find that engaging content via videos helps learners stay focused and motivated in their learning and delivers fluency quickly.

Our ambition is to enrich English language learning and make it accessible, fresh and rewarding for all. We have created a high quality online service at an affordable cost, making it accessible and inclusive.

Why it is so good.

Sensations English is delivered to you by a team of passionate, highly experienced BBC trained producers and teachers of English as a second language.

We are an independent British company based in London, England.

Our video stories are licensed from one of the world’s leading independent news agencies.

All the commentaries at each level are written by our team of expert English language teachers.

Also available in a virtual classroom.
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