English Fluency Practice

Categories of specific conversational questions for English Fluency Practice with an experienced trainer.

General & specific topics for you to practice and gain better fluency. Vocabulary lists can be collated from industry-specific vocabulary.



Computer Programming Cards

In this section are vocabulary lists of computer terminology for English fluency practice.

Can you describe the term and explain how it is used in your real-world life experience.

General Fluency Question Cards

A list of general topics that you can talk about. 

There are additional questions to help guide your conversation.

General Topics

Do you like the challenge of thinking & talking on the spot?

A random choice of topics for you to spontaneously talk about, just like in a real-life small talk chat, the discussion can go anywhere

With set questions

Find it difficult to think of what to say?

Choose this option as the pre-set question guide you and help you to find your thoughts. You concentrate on answering the questions as fully as you can.