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1-to-1 learning is one of the most efficient and effective ways of learning, whether that is in a live or virtual classroom. It is ideal if you want:

  • To accelerate your learning
  • To increase your fluency
  • Individual attention: practice and correction
  • Expert help from your teacher with all areas of speaking English: pronunciation, grammar ...
  • Bespoke lessons: customized to what you want to learn, and how often.



    Not got time for 1-hour sessions?

    We offer complete flexibility for the length of your lesson. You can book a session from 15 minutes up to 60 mins or over.

    15-minute sessions are an ideal way to have active practice with the language regularly or daily or to concentrate on a particular aspect of the language.


    Our Live Online lessons make it easy to use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to learn English with an experienced, native speaker instructor - from wherever you happen to be.


    Becoming fluent takes practice. You need practice at speaking and then more practice.

    By allowing you to speak freely on any given topic your confidence will start to grow which means you will start to talk more freely, increasing your fluency.

    With guidance from your trainer, you will identify areas in which you can improve, increasing your fluency.

    More free speaking, more self-improvement, more confidence. More fluency, That's what 1-to-1 training delivers.


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