25 years of service

Our history

For 25 years we have been a leading provider of professional language services for companies in the global market. Our innovative and comprehensive solutions have enabled these organizations to overcome language barriers and communicate effectively with their international staff. In this blog post, we'll take you on a journey through our history, highlighting the solutions we've offered to multinational companies, the challenges we've overcome, and the value we've brought to countless organizations worldwide.

Section 1: The Beginnings – Laying the Groundwork

As the world became increasingly connected in the late 20th century, we recognized the growing need for organizations to communicate effectively with their international teams. We started with language training workshops and in-house F2F training to help companies overcome the language barrier and promote effective communication with their diverse workforce.

Section 2: Expanding our range of services

Over the years we have continuously developed and expanded our services to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers. Today, our professional language solutions include:

  1. Translation Services: Our team of experienced linguists provide accurate translations for various industries including legal, medical, technical and more.
  2. Interpreting Services: We offer both simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services, ensuring smooth communication during meetings, conferences and events.
  3. Language training: Our tailor-made language training programs are designed to help employees improve their language skills and communicate more effectively with international colleagues.
  4. Localization Services: We help businesses customize their products, websites, and marketing collateral to resonate with local audiences around the world.
  5. Language Consulting: Our language consultants help companies to develop and implement strategies to meet their specific language challenges.

 Section 3: Overcoming challenges in a globalized world

Our 25-year journey has not been without its challenges, but we have always faced them. From tackling complex, multi-language projects and tight deadlines to adapting to advances in technology, we have consistently stayed at the forefront of the language services industry.

Section 4: The Impact of Our Solutions

Our professional language services have a significant impact on the businesses we serve. By enabling effective communication and collaboration between international employees, we have helped companies:

  1. Improve employee satisfaction and retention
  2. increase productivity and efficiency
  3. Customer satisfaction through localized products and services
  4. to increase your global reach and increase market share Conclusion:

Over the past 25 years, our professional language services have played a crucial role in helping multinational companies thrive in the global marketplace. We're proud of the value we've brought to these organizations and their international workforce, and look forward to continuing to provide innovative and comprehensive language solutions for years to come.

Our mission

Our goal is to strengthen global companies and organizations by breaking down language barriers, promoting seamless communication and improving intercultural understanding. We are committed to providing outstanding, innovative and tailored language solutions that enable our clients to connect with their international workforce, customers and partners and ultimately fuel their growth and success in an increasingly connected world.

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client testimonials

"I am extremely happy with the lessons that I got. My teacher Derek gave me a lot of advices and tips on how to improve my business english skills. I changed my behavior and the results are great.”
Andrii V
“Derek helped me to improve my skills as a trainer and coach. I loved to book him for my keynote speaker project: #susangoesinternational. Thank you so much.."
Suzanne N
“I felt very well looked after and my English has become much more secure. Next, I will brush up on my Spanish here. Thumbs up for Interspeech, clear recommendation!.”
Catherine B

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