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translation service

 help companies overcome language barriers and expand international business. They enable effective communication with global customers, partners and employees, increasing market reach and strengthening reputation. Professional translations ensure cultural sensitivity and accuracy, increasing success in the international market.

interpreting services

enable companies to communicate in real time across language barriers. They promote effective collaboration, facilitate international business negotiations, and strengthen relationships with customers and partners. These services help companies navigate cultural differences and increase success in the global marketplace.

language training

improve the communication skills of employees, promote intercultural understanding and increase employee loyalty. Companies benefit from better customer relationships, expanded market opportunities and more effective collaboration in diverse international teams, which increases global business success.

language ratings

provide objective analyzes of employee language skills, identify gaps and provide information on training needs. Organizations can measure progress, increase performance and build more efficient, internationally oriented teams, leading to more successful collaboration and increased business success.

Digital Content Platforms

make it easier for companies to create, manage and distribute content for different audiences. They optimize marketing strategies, increase customer loyalty and promote brand building. Companies benefit from efficient resource management, targeted communication and increased business growth.

Language trips

offer employees intensive language learning experiences and cultural awareness. They promote team building, improve communication skills and increase motivation. Businesses benefit from better collaboration, stronger international relationships and a more efficient workforce that contributes to global business success.

Teacher Mediation

support companies in finding qualified teachers for language courses and training courses. They ensure tailor-made learning programs that are tailored to the needs of the company. This leads to more effective learning, increased workforce competency, and better alignment with global business needs.

presentation exam

improve the quality and clarity of corporate presentations through careful text review. They minimize spelling and grammatical errors, promote precise communication and strengthen the professional impression. Companies benefit from more convincing presentations and increased credibility with customers and partners.

A complete overview

Central company administration:

  • Creation and management of your business partners, their contacts and employees 
  • Booking history per business partner down to the individual employee
  •  Administration of different course types and methods, such as open seminars, workshops, audits, coaching or in-house training courses
  •  Central storage of important documents such as framework agreements
  •  Professional management of B2B seminars, also suitable for in-house training (representation of departmental structures, cost centers and cost center managers)
language assess sevices


Key language services include translation, interpreting, language training, localization, proofreading and language consulting.

Look for a vendor with relevant industry experience, a team of qualified professionals, positive reviews, and strong customer support.

Translation deals with written text while interpreting deals with spoken language. Translators translate written documents, while interpreters facilitate oral communication.

Factors include the type of service, the language combination, the complexity of the project, the processing time and the expertise of the provider.

Reputable providers have quality management processes in place, such as B. the use of experienced professionals, the implementation of multi-stage test procedures and the use of specialized software and tools.

Localization involves adapting products, websites and marketing materials to the cultural context and language of a target market. It helps companies resonate with local audiences and expand their global reach.

Timeframes vary depending on factors such as project complexity, word count and the availability of language professionals needed.

Language training improves employees' communication skills, promotes intercultural understanding, strengthens customer relationships and expands market opportunities.

Some certifications and standards are ISO 17100 for translation services, ISO 18587 for machine translation post-editing and AIIC for conference interpreters.

Although machine translation tools can provide quick results, they may lack the accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and subtlety that professional human translators can provide. For important business documents, it is best to engage professional services.

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"I am extremely happy with the lessons that I got. My teacher Derek gave me a lot of advices and tips on how to improve my business english skills. I changed my behavior and the results are great.”
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“Derek helped me to improve my skills as a trainer and coach. I loved to book him for my keynote speaker project: #susangoesinternational. Thank you so much.."
Suzanne N
“I felt very well looked after and my English has become much more secure. Next, I will brush up on my Spanish here. Thumbs up for Interspeech, clear recommendation!.”
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