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Overview: Speak natural english

Traditional teaching of English has focused on Grammar and the separation of vocabulary and pronunciation because of this many non-native speakers have an unorganized collection of rules in their heads and these leaves them unable to speak natural English fluenty. This seperation often leads to 'brain freeze' where nothing comes to mind, no grammar, no vocabulary just an unatural pause.

This course will take on a journey of discovery and you will learn how spoken English is structured and how it is made of chunks of language. You will be guided to become a self-learner of English through the use of open source technology.

The tips and tricks you will learn will be the foundation of your natural speaking English. Whether you use English for pleasure or have to communicate professionally. beacuse of this

Completing this course will help you:
Who is the course for?

For people that have to speak professionally in English in the form of coaching, presentations, training, moderation.

People that regularly communicate in English through work, friendships or travel.

People that would like to improve their speaking skills and speak natural English for personal development.

Also English teachers / trainers that would like to help their students speak a more natural English

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speak natural english learning path

What is pausing and why do you need it?

Rid your speech of the familiar non-words like erm. Uh, ok, right. 

Give yourself time to think of what you want to say next, it opens up space to find the correct grammar or the next phrase, expression or to find a more appropriate word.

It gives the listener time to understand what you said, and people listen and talk more with people they can understand.

Pausing can signal that you are about to say something important and therefore your listener starts to pay more attention.

Most importantly pausing builds your confidence as a speaker and is natural for a native speaker.

Discover how, when and why natural English speakers use pausing.

Video 48 min  + 2 min read to complete

In this section you will be analyzing how natural English speakers use pausing in all kinds of speaking activities. In addition to being guided on noticing the patterns of pausing, you will also spend some time recognizing key structures that normally trigger a pause.

Video 48 min  + 2 min read to complete

Be prepared to do some self-analysis with the aid of voice recording.

I will ask you to record yourself speaking in the many different situations that you need to speak English. This can cover presenting, story telling, answering the telephone, giving instruction, explaining, sales or good old fashion conversation.


You will learn how you can, from a recording of your speaking, make a transcript / text that you can then analyze and use as the basis of a sound scripting exercise before re-recording your speech. 

Video 48 min  + 2 min read to complete

With the advancement of technology we are now more able to gather samples and to analyze the language, how and what is being used. It is therefore important that you are shown some simple cost-effective ways in which you can use technology to help you achieve your goals in English speaking and to continue learning independently in the future.


Technology can help if you don't have much access to 'live' English, it can also help to prepare you for the 'live' English world, and as it can be a rapidly changing world this section and it's links will be regularly updated .

Video 48 min  + 2 min read to complete

So now we have the cornerstone of speaking natural English. We can use and identify pausing. 


Now we need to use intonation to give our English the natural rhythm and flow. Intonation will help our listeners to understand, with clarity, what we are saying, they will get the message because we choose what is important and how to give the necessary words emphasis.

Video 48 min  + 2 min read to complete

In this session you are introduce to the concept of thought groups.
Thought groups will further enhance your pausing and intonation skills and add immensley to your message being clear and understandable.

They add to your fluency and give you a greater control in how you say things - just like a natural speaker of English

A recap on what has been learned with a few added details to help you carry on speaking natural English.

You are now on the road to achieving your goals, with persistent noticing and putting into action what you have noticed there is no going back.

Well done.

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Course Options

There are 3 ways the course is available. If you prefer an option not listed then please use the contact details form and we will discuss your requirements.

Self-paced learning

A completely flexible approach. The course is online and includes all instruction videos.

All exercises and self-study work is included. 

The course has a life time access, allowing for the course to be revisited and taken in whole or used as a refresher for certain training.

Small Group Live Tutor

The course is delivered on a weekly basis, usually at a fixed time on a fixed day. Alternative times & dates can be arranged with the agreement of the group members and tutor.

A hands-on, learn by doing approach with links and advice for self-study between sessions.


Individual live coaching

This is our 1 to 1 option and offers a high level coaching approach. Ideal for people who need to speak or present at a professional level as the 1 on 1. Coaching can also help to remove blockages that sometimes prevent free-flowing English.

Contact details

To find out more about the different options and how each option can help you or your business please use the contact details to arrange your free consultation.

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