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Quiz with article : listening and reading options

A slightly different approach with this quiz.
To help learn more English vocabulary there is first a multi choice quiz. Before you listen or read the article you can test yourself and see how much of the vocabulary that is highlihted in the text you already know. (Have a guess if you are not sure).

After the quiz you can improve your reading skills or your listening skills as you read or listen to the article. There is also a vocabulary box for each section of the article so as you read or listen you can also see the definition of the word.

Following that there are 2 further helpful activities.

The first one is a gap fill, you read the article again but his time the focussed vocabulary is missing and your task is to complete the text with the missing words.

Then there is an interactive video, where you are given the definitions and asked to write the correct word in the box.

Let me know what you think of the different formats and which you prefer.

Remember, if you would like to practice the vocabulary in a full conversation lesson complete the form below

Teachers: If you would like to have the lesson plan complete with conversational questions based on the article simply complete the form below.

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