'Bean dad' apologises after tin can posts cause outcry (C)

'Bean dad' apologises after tin can posts cause outcry (C)

In this lesson

In this English Vocabulary lesson we look at the story of a father whose twitter post caused some negative responses.

The lesson contains a pre-listening/watching quiz, this is the same as the free quiz so you can jump straight to the interactive video and then continue.

There is an opportunity to record your views and if you would like to talk live to a teacher and get feedback on your answers please use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will send you further instructions.

There are further lstening and speaking practice exercises within the lesson, we hope you enjoy the lesson and we welcome any feedback that helps us to improve the content.

This first section has the pre-listening/watching vocabulary quizzes. 

If you have already completed the quizzes you can proceed to the interactive video.


Main lesson presentation

Comprehension Questions

Directions: Read the following questions and answer each to the best of your ability.

Comprehension answers

If you would like to discuss your answers and your sentences online and recieve feedback please complete the contact form below.

Listening and speaking practice

You have a choice in this sections. You can write the answers or you can improve your pronunciation by speaking the answers.

Instruction on how to use the “Speak the answer” option is explained in the short video opposite.

Dictation write answers

Listen & Write

Dictation speak answers

Listen & Speak

Vocabulary Practice


Directions: For each of the words in the box, record an original sentence using the word. Record your answer again if you are not happy with how you spoke. TIP: Speak a sentence that will help you better understand the meaning of the word.

Model Sentences
I would like to book a live session
I would like to do the lesson

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